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Toon Blast Review

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Toon Blast review

Toon Blast is a Match-3 game with lots of levels, made in cartoon style and based on a storyline, with Match-3 as the mechanics. If you like hits of this genre, like Treasures of Montezuma, Candy Crush Saga, or Best Fiends, download Toon Blast, and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Gameplay 5/5

The game tells the story of three cartoon characters: Willy the wolf, Cooper the cat, and Bruno the bear. Alternating, they go (with a little help of yours) through a long chain of challenges. Each of them is a Match-3 puzzle with its specifics.

On the board of changing shape, you need to complete your missions: destroy a certain number of cubes overall, a certain number of certain-coloured cubes, bringing rubber ducks down to the bottom, removing a certain number of boxes or lamps, and so on. To do it, you need to tap the groups of the same coloured cubs, so they pop and disappear, and the new ones falling from above replace them (unless blocked). The bigger groups you pop, the more powerups you get. Say, a rocket clears the whole row or column, and a bomb destroys everything around it, and a combination of them is even more efficient.

You lose a life each life you fail a level. When you’re out of lives, you need to wait for them to restore, or to ask some from your friends.

Controls 5/5

All you do here is tapping the right cubes. The game requires no precise timing or gestures, and the control system is good both for smartphones and for tablets.

Replay Value 3/5

It’s the same here as with, say, Candy Crush Saga or Best Fiends. It’s no fun at all to replay the game from the beginning, but you don’t have to, if you connect your account to Facebook and save all your progress. Then it will be restored even if you switch from Android to iPhone and install an iOS version.

Graphics 4/5

It’s not as wild and elaborate as its rivals, but it does its job. The game doesn’t shine so bright; on the other hand, it doesn’t require fresh hardware and looks good on smartphones, even with a small screen.

Sound 4/5

The music is just as jolly as the visuals, but it starts to annoy after two or three levels; luckily, you can turn it off. The sounds indicate of the events (removal, explosion, and so on), and they contribute to the game’s overall cartoonishness.


Toon Blast is a good game, though it doesn’t make anything perfectly, but instead it’s well balanced and delivers good overall experience. And if you appreciate gameplay more than appearance, it will be a real blast for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy the cute characters as well.

Toon Blast

5 / 5

Author: Peak
Latest Version: 4735
Publish Date: 2020-01-13
Size: 113M

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