Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) Review

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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) review

Gachaverse is a creative game for manga and anime style freaks. It’s more about creating your characters than about playing them, but that’s the feature.  

Gameplay 4/5

Like all RPGs do, this one lets you create your characters. There are eight slots for your heroes, and each can be customized in all possible ways. Select clothes, accessories, poses, hair, face, composure, and all about your character. But what can you do with them? There’s no storyline or battle system so far (despite the section is here); neither there is any storyline or quest.

But creating the overall appearance is only the first part. Then you can use your characters in the skits you invent by yourself. There are some prepared layouts setting the number and disposition of them in each scene. So, selecting several, you can create your own manga with the characters you created, you can use the whole set of premade skits and scenes. They allow for positioning characters anywhere on the scene, selecting backgrounds, flipping them, choosing poses and faces for them, adding pets or various items onto the stage.

The developers admit that the game isn’t complete. For example, there’s no battle system at all so far. If you hope for a classical RPG, you better wait. But if you’re here for creating characters, dressing them, making them pose and speak, express the feelings and play drama, well, Gachaverse has all it takes.

Controls 5/5

Intuitive is the word. All you have to do is tap and select the right option; it can’t get easier than this. Maybe when (if?) the developers even introduce the battle system, it will involve some gestures. But so far, it’s all about tapping the right icons at any time you like.

Replay Value 5/5

Gachaverse is more of a creative studio than a game, and if you’re into creation, one time won’t do. Once you feel the power to create your own manga, romantic, heroic or comical, you’ll go far and further.

Graphics 5/5

The app is all about visuals, hey! And a visual gacha studio is the only thing that actually works here, but it does work well, with natural poses, easy selection, lots of displaying options, and so on. If you want, you can even use animations for your characters, and save the result as an animation.

Sound 4/5

The soundtrack is quite diverse, from house to fairy medieval-like themes, and all of them contribute to the creative atmosphere. The characters are voiced in English properly, though they have little to say.


As for me, it’s rather a creative studio for anime lovers than a game. Even if the developers never introduce battles and chats, it’ll be okay. If I need a tool for creating a bright webcomic strip quickly, it may be Gachaverse.

Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

5 / 5

Author: Lunime
Latest Version: 0.7.7
Publish Date: 2018-10-05
Size: 93M