Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story Review

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Episode - Choose Your Story review

Episode is a choice game putting you in the middle of romantic stories, with missions to complete and challenges to accept. Be wise in your decisions: your future depends on them. Download Episode and enjoy these interactive stories featuring you as the star!

Gameplay 4/5

In the beginning, you select the storyline, and then go through it. For example, your heroine is a new girl at the high school, and you want to be the queen of the year. No surprise: it meant that you have to receive invitations from ten singles from your class, and get kissed by them.

Reaching your aim implies several minor missions. You need to get some worshipers to get your back (and friendzone them forever). You need to tell the Bitch Queen who’s the boss now. Dress to impress, set your mind to blind, select your shoes like there’s nothing to lose, kiss the boys and raise your voice.

The easiest ways out of dire straits can be bought for gems; they are hard to earn (but, of course, easy to purchase). In addition, any new episode requires a pass; these only can be bought, so, in fact, the episodes initially available are just a demo for the whole story.

Controls 5/5

In fact, there’s nothing to control, but do some selections each time you have multiple reply options. Sometimes you need to outstare (and outstar!) someone, or fond the code to the lock, but these occasions are rare. There’s just nowhere to get lost.

Replay Value 5/5

The game is made of options, and it’s always fun to replay the same setting with your mind set on all those what-ifs. But remember that all the replays require passes too, and you’ll get stuck sometimes, so reach out for more gems.

Graphics 5/5

It looks like an animated high school graphic novel, keeping it decent in visuals, but provocative in ideas. The characters are diverse: boys and girls, nerds and bullies, sexy chicks and regular girls, Christian, Muslim or Jewish, with their nature written on the face. So are the places and, of course, your wardrobe. Alas, best things in this life are paid, no matter what Janet Jackson used to sing.

Sound 5/5

The soundtrack of Episode is quite diverse, from jazz to trap and dubstep. The themes depend on the mood of particular moments, and they’re selected well. There is no voicing, only texts on the screen; I understand that this would make the game harder to dub and require much more space, and, in addition, it won’t tell the world what exactly you’re playing.


It would be fun if not so greedy; I gave up when it required the third payment, and the first story was far from ending. If you’re curious enough and ready to invest heavily into your entertainment, this game would deliver many hours of choices and satisfy your curiosity. Maybe you’re into alternative history about your own memories, and then it’s a good alternative to therapy.


Episode - Choose Your Story

4 / 5

Author: Episode Interactive
Latest Version: 12.10.0+gn
Publish Date: 2020-01-17
Size: 95M