Our Gem of 2019 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Karrie Hawkes


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All Fire Emblem reviews celebrate the popularity of this game. That is why we are going to discuss one of the top games highly appreciated by players all over the world in 2019 here. This is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You can find it on Switch with plenty of positive reviews which specify it as a big success compared to other series.

The game is very impressive. Still, it stays on the seventh place in Switch 2019 charts, after such titles as Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Slay the Spire, Devil May Cry, and Super Mario Maker 2. We won’t go into details now about the things which make these releases better, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses is definitely worth your attention and time.

Details of the game

Fire Emblem Three Houses game screenshot

The game is made in the genre of strategy. It will change your idea of strategic battling, adding peculiar details and abilities. The gameplay is rather complicated. Even a minor mistake can cause loss of a vital asset without a chance to return or regain it during the whole game. It can be a lack of protection, insufficient checking of the map before you start an attack, and other fatal errors. Although you can improve your situation with in-app purchases.

The story takes place on the land known as Fódlan. Almost all power in this territory belongs to the Church of Seiros. It governs the land and the people living on it. There are three important characters: Dimitri, Edelgard, and Claude. But you will navigate an essential one maneuvering troops fighting on the battlefield, interacting with other participators of the events, building relationships, and collecting the needed data. You should be ready for blood scenes and violence.

Future outlook

The game has a stunning design and involving gameplay which can change the rating over the course of time. Since its launch, it has already proven to be a big success for the developer. Both critics and customers have favored the title, and at the current moment, it continues to be very popular attracting new gamers. If you’re among those who are going to start, look through essential tips and recommendations first.