The Last of Us: The Game Guide & Tips for Beginners

Ana Gotter


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If you’re eager to play The Last of Us, this 2013 action-adventure masterpiece from Naughty Dog that takes place in a hostile, post-pandemic environment, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the most vital aspects you should consider for your maximum success in the game. Keep reading.

Mastering Gameplay for The Last of Us

Ready to start playing The Last of Us and quickly become good at it? Great, then our tips below are sure to come in handy. Mastering The Last of Us video game may take some time, especially if you rely on your experience only while getting to grips with the gameplay. Need advice from knowledgeable players? Read our brief experience-based guide below and have a blast pillaging the game mechanics like a pro.

1. Stealth Is Your Best Friend

Take advantage of stealth if you want to survive battles in The Last of Us. Make the most of your environment, never neglect using cover, and use the sounds to your favor. As a matter of fact, in this game, you don’t always have to battle the enemies you encounter. Sometimes running away, relocating, and avoiding combat entirely is a much better option when surrounded by hordes of the Infected.

2. Make the Best of Listening Mode

The Last of Us Listening Mode

This mode is an ability of your character that he has learned within 20 years of battling the Infected. It’s very important for survival, for it comes with instant benefits and chances of approaching the most challenging situations in a creative way. In the Listening Mode, you will scan the environment and see the silhouettes of the Infected based on your whereabouts. So, make sure you always listen and scan for any dangerous sounds prior to heading to an undiscovered location. 

3. Approach Clickers Only When Fully Equipped

Fist-fighting with Runners is reasonable, while Clickers are a lot stronger and faster. Approach them with stealth and participate in battles only if you have some powerful weapon on you. Bear in mind that it’s going to take a lot of shots to kill these bastards dead. If you try and attack them without a good gun or a Molotov, they will destroy you in the blink of an eye.

4. Know Your Enemy

the last of us gameplay

You don’t have to read Sun Tzu to win in The Last of Us PS4 battles. But knowing your enemy is paramount if your ultimate goal is to survive. Yes, the Infected are very dangerous. But if you know their weak spots well enough, you can take advantage of them to achieve your ultimate goal in the game. Runners are speedy, but it takes a simple melee weapon to destroy them. Facing Clickers without proper ammunition almost always equals death, but they are blind, which means you can sneak past them whenever possible.

5. Stick With the Right Weapon

Since there’s a variety of the Infected ’species’, you should always know which weapon to choose. The stakes are high, for the wrong choice may get your character and Ellie killed instantly. For example, you cannot strangle Clickers to death, which means you should keep a shiv ready whenever you face them. 

Conclusion: Stealth and Strategy

The Last of Us is all about deafening, creepy silence. You can hear certain environmental noises throughout the game and use them to your advantage. Clickers can hear you as well, and, in fact, they pick up on your movement sounds instantly. Therefore, make sure you move as silently as possible and think a few steps ahead when playing this awesome game. Share your tips on succeeding in The Last of Us below if you have any. We appreciate your feedback greatly.